Державний політехнічний музей

Issue 22 - Contents

Study of history of technology
Halyna Mykhailenko
O. I. Nerovetskyi’s activity in the field of industrial and civil engineering in Ukraine in 1922-1936
Technical achievements of the past
Andriy Tsiupa
From the history of the development of the passenger transit river fleet in Ukraine (1944-1960)
Engineering science and education
Vitalii Tatarchuk
Reflection of the history of aviation of Ukraine in the exposition of the State Polytechnic Museum at NTUU “KPI” as a component part of preparation of future aircraft engineers-constructors
Evolution of ideas
Yuliya Kosovets
Payment of V. I. Grinevetsky in development of constructions of steam-engines
History of industries and enterprises
Alla Bilotserkivska
Software development research of the mechanization and electrification of the agriculture of Ukrainian SSR in 60-ies XX century
Mykola Ryskal
From the history of establishing a system of production and labour organization in radio-electronic industry in Ukrainian SSR (1950-1960 years)
Scientific societies and schools
Nadezhda Kushlakova
Ekaterinoslav engineering societies of early XX-th century as a manifestation of the scientific and technical consolidation of the engineering community
Irina Lyashuga
Operation of Kharkiv State Institute of Weights and instrumentation in 1940 years
Elena Tveritnikova
The restructuring of the Institute of Electrodynamics Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for 1963-1970 years
Prominent scientists and engineers
Sergii Radoguz
Professor Victor L. Kirpichev’s scientific heritage
To the 80th Anniversary of L.A. Griffen
Nadezhda Kushlakova
To the 70th Anniversary of V.S. Savchuk


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