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Payment of V. I. Grinevetsky in development of constructions of steam-engines

Yuliya Kosovets

Abstract— Grinevetsky Vasil Ignatievich (1871-1919) is researcher in the field of heat engineering,professor (1900). He was first in the world who made thermic calculation for internal combustion engine (1907), proposed scheme thermic calculation for boiler unit developed the theory of workflow steam engine Created projects combined thermal power devices. In 1909, according to the project V. Grinevetsky was created two-stroke internal combustion engine double extension for locomotive. In his academic writings, V. Grinevetsky correctly assesses the value of locomotive traction, defined the ways of constructing locomotives. In the article concluded that V. Grinevetsky solves a number of problems in testing thermal steam engine. The first steps of a young scientist in this direction has been designing vehicles, especially much attention he paid to the question of thermodynamics. It should be noted that throughout the creative life V. Grinevetsky scope of his scientific interests was to study workflow steam engines and internal combustion engines. Pursuing the design of steam engines scientist pointed out that in scientists to much attention paid to design and relatively engines, but less attention was paid to the physical processes within them. Their scientific researches V. Grinevetsky started first at the design of steam engines, and later he moved to thermal processes.

Key words: Grinevetsky Vasil Ignatievich,heating engineering, engine of internal combustion,working processes of steamengines, steam-engine, diesel engine

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