Державний політехнічний музей

The motor vessels of the type “Erofej Khabarov” – the first Ukrainian project of lake‐river passenger ship

Andriy Tsiupa

Abstract— This article is dedicated to the “Yerofey Khabarov” class motorship (Project 860), the first lakeriver passenger ship in Ukraine, designed at the Central Constructor Bureau of the Leninska Kuznia plant in Kyiv. In the article the main characteristics of this ship type are discussed. All ships were produced at the ship building factories in Russia and a model of the main ship “Yerofey Khabarov” is exhibited in the State Polytechnic Museum at the National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI”. Also mentioned in this article are the other passenger ships that carried out transit transportations via the Dnipro River. The conclusion is made that the re‐establishing of passenger transit via the river Dnipro was possible through the building and further exploitation of ships built based on Project 860 and its obligatory modernisation

Key words: Ukraine, motor ship, passenger river fleet, Yakiv Wolfson, transit passenger transportations

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