Державний політехнічний музей

Issue 18 - Contents

Study of history of technology
Tetiana Antonijuk
History of development of freight carriage park in Ukraine (1875-1917)
Technical achievements of the past
Marharyta Tyshchuk
Genesis of constructions of the hand looms (to the question of analysis)
Engineering science and education
Ihor Suchenko
Engineer V.V. Salov on building and exploitation of cheap railways in the Russian Empire (70th of XIX century)
Evolution of ideas
Tetyana Karadobriy
Academician B.E. Vedeneev about the problems of use of energy of Irtysh
History of industries and enterprises
Vitaliy Vyzdryk
Technical support of Galician village by providing agricultural machinery in the interwar period
Oleg Strelko
The sorting works' concentration and structural changes in the schemes for railways marshalling yards abroad (the second half of the XX century)
Andriy Kharuk
On the state of the aviation industry of Ukraine in the first half of the 20-ies of XX century
Scientific societies and schools
Tetyana Demchenko
The formation and development of the bridge engineering school
Prominent scientists and engineers
Oleksandr Isaenko
Role of the engineer I.H. Aleksandrov in the use of power resources of the Angara river (30-ies of the XX century)
Elena Sorochinska
Contribution of O. S. Rayevskiy, Design Engineer, in upgrading of locomotive types used on the territory of Ukraine
Antonina Ferchuk
Yuriy Lange - the pioneer of the movement for invention in Ukraine
Alexander Firsov
B.G. Loutzkoy - creator of the unique wheels for airplanes, automobiles and "flying saucers"
Mykhailo Ilchenko
General Designer of the world's first missile defense system


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