Державний політехнічний музей

Issue 23 - Contents

Study of history of technology
Olena Sandurska
Mykolaiv lighthouses: history of their creation and current condition
Technical achievements of the past
Sergey Grachev
Chuted capsule of spacecr vehicle in the display of department of history of aviation and cosmonautics after name of I. Sikorsky in the State Polytechnic museum at NTUU «Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute»
Volodymyr Konstantinov
Iron and ferroconcrete bridges of Ukraine are the monuments of science and technology
Andriy Tsiupa
The motor vessels of the type “Erofej Khabarov” – the first Ukrainian project of lake‐river passenger ship
Engineering science and education
Viktor Verhunov
Ukrainian agrochemical and agricultural preferences of the railway engineer Prince O. S. Kudashev in 1903-1908
Evolution of ideas
Pavlo Satskyi
Ukrainian SSR and ensure of scientific project to construction of Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant and South-Ukrainian and North-Crimean channels
Katerina Sinyagina
The Big Bang theory developed by George Gamow
History of industries and enterprises
Yulian Tyutyunnik
The emergence of the sugar beet industry in Ukraine. The first sugar factories
Scientific societies and schools
Andrii Larin, Olha Chumachenko
Cooperation Zaporizhzhya aviation engine-building companies with the leading scientists of Ukraine in the field of dynamic strength in the 1950-1970s
Prominent scientists and engineers
Оlexander Firsov
Activities of engineer Boris Loutzkoy on the eve of the First World War
To the 75th Anniversary of M.Yu. Ilchenko
To the 65th Anniversary of N.V. Pysarevska


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