Державний політехнічний музей

Editorial policy of the “Research in the history of technology” journal

The journal accepts the papers permanently. The journal does not charge for paper submission and publishing.

The editorial board notifies authors on acceptance of the paper to consider the issue of publication or non-acceptance and on the date of release of the next issue of the journal.

In case the next issue is fully completed, the editorial board may suspend the publication and schedule it for the next issue (on agreement with the author).

On the author’s request the date of the acceptance for the publication can be referred on the publication.

The author is allowed to cancel publication of his/her paper until the date of signing of the order for printing release.

The author should agree that his/her paper might be published in open access on the web sites of the Journal, State Polytechnic Museum, NTUU KPI, NTUU KPI Library, Vernadsky National Library and/or any other without any fees. The fact of the paper submission for publication is considered as such agreement.

Requirements to papers

The paper should correspond to the profile and topics of the journal. It should not infringe the intellectual property rights and neighboring rights of third parties and meet the requirements of Ukrainian legislation.

The paper should be an original work never published before.

The author should be adherent to scientific honesty, accuracy, consistency and literary style when wording his/her thoughts in the paper.

The paper should contain enough data and references to make possible check-out of the sources and conclusions made.

In case the author uses materials he/she did not create in person, he/she should note the author and origin of the materials.

The author formats and submits his/her paper personally along with the additional information in accordance to technical requirements.

Review and decision on publication

The decision on the publication is made on the basis of the conclusions of the reviewers by the editorial board.

The papers are reviewed by one or several specialists of relevant profile from the editorial board or outsourced reviewers.

The reviewers are selected by the editorial board.

The reviewers being guided by the principles of scientific honesty, objectiveness and impartialness, evaluate the level and actuality of the results presented in the paper, note if some data is borrowed without proper references and make their decision on the publication of the paper.

Confidentiality and conflict of interests

In case of external reviewers outsourcing, the names of the authors are not disclosed to them.

The names of the reviewers are not disclosed to authors.

The editorial board member and outsources reviewers should not disclose or discuss with others the content of the papers before their publishing.

The materials from the non-published papers should not be used in own research of the editorial board members and reviewers otherwise than the author’s written permission was received.