Державний політехнічний музей

Issue 20 - Contents

Study of history of technology
Alexander Firsov
Historical untruth in article of Moscow journalist Fedor Lapshin «About Loutzky trucks, Daimler and historical truth»
Technical achievements of the past
Volodymyr Konstantinov
Wooden and stone bridges of Ukraine are the monuments of science and technology
Engineering science and education
Lubov Bakaeva
Training of engineers in the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute before 1914 (on example of studying of a course of sciences by Boris Paustovsky, student of the Engineering Department)
Yuliia Kosovets’
Analysis of the professor O. P. Borodin’s scientific works (1848–1898) in the sphere of Railway Transport
Evolution of ideas
Elena Sandurskaya
Technical characteristics of «Borodino» type vessels in works of V. P. Kostenko
History of industries and enterprises
Sergiy Salata
Activity of the Astronomic observatory of the Kyiv University of Saint Volodymyr in 1845―1870
Оleg Strelko
Railway construction in the Russian Empire (1836―1917): the origin and development
Scientific societies and schools
Oleksandr Lyuty
Graduates of KPI at the origins of electroslag technologies
Olha Shulha, Victor Sokolov, Svyatoslav Kucii
Representatives of Ohievskii family and KPI
Alla Khristich, Vitalii Tatarcuk
NTUU «KPI» scientific school of efficient and ecologically-safe fuel combustion problems
Prominent scientists and engineers
Tetyana Demchenko
Volodymyr Berezovsky (1841―1900), railway engineer and bridge builder: his life and work
Catherine Cherednyk
Bibliometric and thematic analysis of the scientific heritage of M. Shevchenko (1909–1995) – Ukrainian scientist of telmatology


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