Державний політехнічний музей

Issue 16 - Contents

Study of history of technology
Pavel Yermolov
The history of radio technology evolution in Crimea (1899—1920). Part 2
Oleksandr Boltenko
The disaster at Baikonur
Technical achievements of the past
Alexander Firsov
Boris Loutzky – Creator of the world's first motorized bicycle classic layout with a combustion engine
Sergey Grachev
The little-known facts of the creative activities and life of Chief Designer of aero-space systems Gleb Yevgenievich Lozino-Lozinsky
Evolution of ideas
Oleksandr Podgayetsky
Evolution of research in the field of artificial intelligence in Ukraine and the World
Lev Khomenko, Olga Shulga
Setting of conceptual framework of cybernetics and first tubeless computers (1959-1963)
History of industries and enterprises
Andriy Kharuk
The military-technical aspect in activities of Kharkiv aviation plant (60-s – 80-s of XX century)
Scientific societies and schools
Anna Gelesh
Some issues in forming of the scientific and pedagogic composition of Lviv Polytechnic Institute in 60s–80s of XX century
Engineering science and education
Vitaliy Tatarchuk
Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. The history of the school of aviation in the first third of the XX century
Prominent scientists and engineers
Inna Shulga
On the origins of scientific and academic work on technology of organic substances in Kharkiv Chemical and Technological Institute: to the 160th anniversary of Prof. O.P. Lidov
Vitaliy Tatarchuk, Serhiy Karamash, Serhiy Vyroviy
Scientist in the field of construction materials and chemistry Kostyantin G. Dementyev: new information to biography
Publications on history of technology
New book releases 2010–2012


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